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This striking black brick slip will make a statement where ever it is installed.

Dark coloured slips are usually paired with a mid to dark grey mortar. When paired to a light coloured mortar there is very high contrast between the mortar and brick face.

Looking to create a dark underground dungeon look for your bar or 'man-cave'? This may be just the look you are after. It also works very well when building a mixed mode installation i.e. black bricks and white render for a faux Tudor colour scheme.

Brick Slip Fact

Black bricks are quite a modern invention in the brick world. Bricks naturally go black when they are fired to a very high temperature for the clay body but the downside of this is that they usually stick together. Modern black bricks use oxides of Manganese and Iron to create the colouration.

Surface FinishSanded
Suitable for External UseExternal and Internal Use

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