LBC Heather brick slips are a staple of the building industry and appear in many homes internally. We offer LBC Heather cut into slips.

The product will match LBC Heather in general however they have been produced for many years and the colour consistency has changed over the years at the main manufacturing plant owned by what was The London Brick Company. As a result you should obtain samples if trying to tie in with existing brickwork as you should see if the current stocks are suitable in terms of colouration and sizing.

It should also be noted that Flettons are very soft and are manually packed by hand and as a result there will often be chipped edges.

This is typical of the product and 'as received' from the factory. If you are wanting all your slips to be 'un-chipped' you will need to order more than you require as you will be selecting out an amount to achieve this result. You should call our office to discuss before placing an order.

ColourBrown, Orange, Red
Surface FinishSanded, Square Edged
Suitable for External UseExternal and Internal Use (Frost Resistant)

All stated sizes are nominal. Declaration of Performance for each product is available on request.

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