£30.00 exc. VAT Half Square Meter Pack

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A newly manufactured brick slip with the appearance in keeping with a reclaimed common brick look. The chipped edges and distressed appearance are produced by tumbling the brick through a machine a little like a washing machine.

The light cream 'bar-marks' are intentionally created during the 'setting' and firing process. The clay absorbs sulphur gasses given off during the heating of firing which, once cooled stain the surface of the brick permanently.

They are an Imperial height (see 'Additional Information' below for dimensions) and metric width which means they work with modern coordinating dimensions. We do make sure you receive enough to cover a half meter square in each pack even though they are a little different dimension compared to modern metric bricks.

ColourOrange, Red
Surface FinishReclaimed, Unsanded
Suitable for External UseExternal and Internal Use

All stated sizes are nominal. Declaration of Performance for each product is available on request.