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£25.33 exc. VAT Each

The sheets are designed for use with 65mm high and 15mm to 25mm thick brick slips. You will need to use an MS Polymer glue to stick the slips rather than a cement based adhesive due to the sheet being made of plastic.

The plastic tracking sheet (1.5mm thick profiled plastic) is pre-bonded onto a 18mm thick poly-foam board making it light weight and easily formed with the use of hand tools for i.e. around widows and doors. Typically this would be over clad on top of another stiffer cementitious carrier board or directly over breezeblock.

This board can be used on many building envelopes and the fixing types can vary. Please call our office and speak to our technical team.

The sheet ensures that the horizontal joints are kept in alignment and can speed up and deskill the installation process of brick slips particularly when using relatively precise brick slips. The more regular the brick slip finish the greater the skill required to get a pleasing finish if applying the slips using spacers alone.

Height0.75 Meters
Width1.2 Meters
Thickness19.5mm, 1.5 mm

All stated sizes are nominal. Declaration of Performance for each product is available on request.