Adamstown – Dublin

The Brief

We were approached by a long established, trusted developer to supply a red smooth brick slip finish for a large development in the planned suburban development ‘Adamstown’ just outside of Dublin

This new town, with the travel infrastructure support of[...]

Our Project Story

Matclad supplied over one million brick slips and corners for this project over a rolling 18 month program

Due to the batch processes we employ to manufacture brick slips, we had to maintain consistent product recipes and firing curves over[...]

Chatwins Cafe Rufurbishments

Chatwins cafe restaurants are a refuge for the weary shopper looking for high quality baked goods.

Established in 1913 their family based company has weathered the ebb and flow over the years by offering delicious and well presented food to their clientelle.

Matclad brick slips have been incorporated into their modernisation program and should also stand the test of time.

Hampton by Hilton London – Park Royal Hotel W5

Matclad were approached by the main contractor to produce a brick slip that was in keeping with the original 1930’s façade in order that the 2500M2 extension be in keeping with the old.

This prestigious location and historic building is of great architectural importance and achieving a sympathetic appearance was critical to the success of the project.

Ström Architects – “Woodpeckers” brick slip flooring project

The ‘Woodpeckers’ project showcases an open plan space combining modern sleek lines with the natural environment. The internal space freely flows to the external, beautifully landscaped and lit garden.

This really shows how simple, elegant living can be achieved with careful and clever use of modern materials.

Miller and Carter Restaurant Refurbishment

This high quality restaurant business incorporates our brick slips in their nationwide refurbishment program.

EWI Chester High Rise Refurbishment

Redevelopment of social housing using brick slips on the ground floor for aesthetics