"The Look"

The Brief

Chatwins cafe restaurants are a refuge for the weary shopper looking for high quality baked goods.

Established in 1913 their family based company have weathered the ebb and flow by offering delicious and well presented food to their clientelle.

Matclad brick slips have been incorporated into their modernisation program and should also stand the test of time.

Our Project Story

We were approached by the Chatwin family run business to supply brick slips for their rebrand and modernisation program several years ago.

Working with their management team a timeless look has been created for their clientelle to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of their baking labour.

Chatwins have added their flair to the design process of the modern tea room to bring a modern and authentic look accompanied with a lovely piece of cake and pastries!

Who we’ve worked with

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