"The Look"

The Brief

This 1960’s high rise social housing development suffered from poor insulation and aesthetic which is typical of much of the housing stock in the UK built in the ’60’s, 70’s and 1980’s.

Chester City Council decided to improve the energy efficiency, ongoing maintenance costs and look of the building with a regeneration project. This project included external wall insulation, render and brick veneer finish to rejuvenate the tower development.

Our Project Story

We were asked to develop a product for this external wall insulation project which would be in-keeping with the local surroundings and yet be affordable and easy to install.

The supplied product offered the frost resistance, colour durability and aesthetic of real brick but in thin section format enabling the installer to utilise any tracking system on the market. Our product not only offered technical benefits over cut bricks but also reduced installation time and deskilled the project.

Who we’ve worked with