"The Look"

The Brief

The ‘Woodpeckers’ project showcases an open plan space combining modern sleek lines with the natural environment. The internal space freely flows to the external, beautifully landscaped and lit garden.

This really shows how simple, elegant living can be achieved with careful and clever use of modern materials.

Our Project Story

We were asked if our brick slips were suitable for flooring as well as wall claddding. They are and we were stunned when we saw the sheek elegance that they created in this modern build.

This project used smooth engineering quality brick slips not only for the floor but also for certain internal wall elevations which were then painted over to produce a clean internal space.

Brick slips can be used to great effect in many applications but use for flooring is similar to the use of quarry tiles and bed slips as shown in the ‘Woodpeckers’ brick slip project.

Who we’ve worked with

  1. Chloe Milton says:

    Hello,I am looking to create a rustic brick floor. Are there any particular brick slips that would be preferable for this purpose? Thanks, Chloe

    • Paul says:

      Hello Chloe,

      Thanks for your comment and apologies for the delay.

      All of our brick slips are suitable for flooring applications internally. Some of the products in the Reclaimed brick slip range may not be.

      We also do different sizes occasionally (squares and brick bed slips).

      If you are looking for rustic then you can look in any of the product ranges except the ‘Modern Brick Slip Range’ – they tend to be very precise and regular although there are some rusticated products in that range also.

      If you want to discuss options call the office or send us an image of the type of rustic look you are after and we can come up with some options.

      Hope this helps

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