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What are 'Rustic' brick slips

‘Rustic’ brick slips and bricks are made in a similar way to sand moulded brick slips but the product is made with a different de-moulding technique in order to produce a more heavily ‘rusticated’ edge.

 Rough and distressed

Matclad Rustic brick slips have a mixture of well formed and distressed edge slips to break up the mortar joints. The irregular mortar joints creates a visual effect all of and in itself a pleasing feature.

This type of brick slip and mortar finish is a compromise between the regularity of ‘Sand moulded’ and ‘Handmade’  in terms of its aesthetic.

The ‘Pros’

Cost Effective
While being heavily rusticated they are still being made on a machine so are more cost effective than handmades.
Aesthetically attractive
Though not as varied as true handmade brick slips these are well suited to feature walls, fireplaces / Inglenook etc. Blends of colours of rustic slips can also break up the overall appearance.

The ‘Cons’

Heavily distressed edges means more fiddly and time consuming pointing. This can be overcome by rake jointing the wall but if you want a bucket or flush finish you have to fill in all the joint

As brick making has become more precise the desire for high volume but aesthetically varying bricks has meant brick makers such as Matclad have created methods for rusticating the moulding process.

Brick slip rustication and mould designs

The general method for production of rusticated product is the same as for other brick slip types such as our ‘Sand moulded’ range but in addition to this we can also use different moulds to ‘rough’ the product up. This is a fine balance as too much rustication becomes obviously man-made.

Mould design and our ability to vary the shape of the clay before firing is one of our strengths. We have many options available to us that other brick slip cutting companies do not such as different sizes, thicknesses, special shapes and textures.

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