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What are 'Modern' brick slips

Modern brick slips are more precise, lighter and thinner than other moulded brick slips while still retaining the timeless quality of a clay product.

Architectural brick cladding designs

Our ‘Modern’ brick slips are designed for projects where cost, volumes and ease of installation need to be borne in mind but this does not mean that the finished facade needs to be lacking in appeal – you have many options with Matclad as we can change sizes, textures and colours of our slips to better suit your clients requirements.

They tend to be lower cost and faster to produce and install due to their relative precision making them the go to product for external wall applications. They lend themselves to large developments such as social housing, high rise building refurbishment programs and in architectural situations where low cost installation, clean lines and uniformity are desirable.

Colours, textures and sizes

Matclad have a large range of brick slip colours available as a standard range that are in keeping with those traditionally found in the UK. We make brick slips using traditional british firing methods using locally sourced clays.

Being a brick maker we have the flexibility to change recipes, texturing rollers, firing temperatures and kiln conditions enabling us to create new products if the client requires specific look. As a batch production facility we can, and often do, work with clients performing development work to meet conservation and architectural requirements.

Matclad ‘Modern’ brick slips tend to look more modern because the machines that produce them (Pugmills or ‘Extruders’) have become the high volume production machines in the UK.

The Modern Extrusion process

Extrusion lines started appearing in the mid 19th century (c. 1840) but became prevalent in the brick making process in the early 20th century. The adoption of extrusion for high volume brick making was slow.

The extruder generally consists of a conditioned clay feed (clay with the correct amount of water content) fed into a machine that forces the clay out of a die – a metal plate with the profile shape such as a rectangle cut out – into a column which is then cut to length usually by a wire.

Texturing of the brick usually comes in several forms: roll texturing, brush texturing, wire texturing, engobe sprays (surface colouring/glazing) and sand coating though there are many and varied ways to add appeal to the uniform basic shape of a brick slip.

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