Matclad 10th Anniversary

We are proud to have been serving the UK and International public and trade for a decade.

A family with thirty years high volume brick production experience took a chance, found a small 4000 square foot premises in Wrexham, installed machines and kilns and started Matclad to produce purpose made slips.

Neil Sullivan had seen the opportunity during his time in the brick industry and quietly bought machinery and kilns for the best part of a decade  in the lead-up to the formation of the business.

It should not be understated how hard the early days were – slip making is a far harder process than we ever imagined –  but we are proud to have achieved so much with so little.

With just the basic machines and kilns we would often be making slips on the machines and taking sales calls. Everything was scavanged, second-hand and often fabricated on site to suit our needs at the time.

In-house built pre-drier.
In-house built pre-drier. One of the many things we had to make to get the business running.

From the humble begginings we worked with our customers creating new products to suit their requirements using our ceramics manufacturing knowledge gradually expanding until 2015 when we moved into a 26,000 square foot factory.

Internal view of the Matclad Factory in 2017
Internal view of the Matclad Factory in 2017

We quickly scaled up our manufacturing operation to meet the demands of UK and international customers enabling us to become the largest UK manufacturer of purpose made brick slips.

Matclad Limited factory in North Wales
Matclad Limited factory in North Wales 2020

We wish our customers and partners all the best and hopefully you will join us in growing the brick slip market for another decade (or two).

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